Care Tips for Gold-Filled Jewelry

Care Tips for your Jewelry

 At LINK’D, we are confident that we offer top quality 14k gold-filled jewelry.

When it comes to gold jewelry, it is hands down the best option after solid gold jewelry as it offers the perfect balance between value and quality. If taken care of properly, your gold-filled jewelry can last you a lifetime, however, there are several factors that can affect its longevity and look of your piece.  These three factors include the chemicals that come in contact with the jewelry, the chemicals that stay on it, and the way you store your jewelry.

While it is certainly possible for our jewelry to last you a lifetime, it can still tarnish if not properly cared for so here are some realistic and effective tips for keeping your pieces looking vibrant for as long as possible. 

3 Tips for Cleaning and Caring for 14K 

Gold-Filled Jewelry


1. What to Avoid:

The best way to increase the longevity of your piece is by minimizing what it comes in contact with. Here are a list of common products to that can make your pieces  tarnish, look dull or darken with time:   



-Lotions (Scented or unscented) 



-Products with Bleach 

-Nail Polish Remover 

2. How to Clean it:

We know its inevitable to completely avoid your jewelry from coming in contact with products and chemicals, but giving your piece some daily maintenance can do a great deal to help it last longer. For daily maintenance, gently remove makeup, oils, and lotions from your piece with a soft cloth after each wear. 

If you know your piece has come in contact with sunscreen, chemicals or sweat, you might want to give your piece a quick soapy rinse. We also recommend deep a cleaning if you’ve been wearing your piece on repeat for 1-2 weeks (were def guilty of this) 

 Here are 5 easy steps to give your jewelry a deep clean: 

 1. Fill a bowl with warm water + a teaspoon of gentle soap (We use Dove or Meyers) 

 2. Soak your jewelry for about 1-2 minutes 

 3. Scrub (if necessary) with a soft toothbrush to get into gaps and brush away any build up 

 4. Rinse away soap with lukewarm water 

 5. Dry with a soft cloth and store once it’s completely dry!

3. How to Store it:

Storing your jewelry the right way can play a huge role in helping your pieces last longer. We also highly recommend taking off your pieces while you sleep to prevent breaking, tangling, etc. 

Here are some tips for storing your gold-filled jewelry: 

 - Make sure your jewelry is clean before storing 

 - Airtight containers (a.k.a. ziplock bags) reduce airflow, which also reduces the chances of chemical reactions that can cause tarnishing! 

- Our included microfiber jewelry pouches can help keep your piece dry and prevent scratches. 

 -  Store in a low humidity environment 

 We hope this was helpful! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have!

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