How to Layer Your Necklaces — Tips & Tricks

Layering 101

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest to not only see the most perfect layering combos to then try it yourself and end up with a tangled mess? That’s why we’ve gathered up a few tips and tricks on how to layer your necklaces in harmony.  

 While trends come and go, layering your gold necklaces is definitely a classic look, this trend never seems to go out of style. Its an opportunity for personal expression as well as to showcase your jewelry collection all at once.  

 There is no certain rule or handbook on how to achieve the perfect layers but there are a few tips we can share with you to making the decision making process easier! From adding different lengths to mixing textures, we share it all here! 

1.different lengths 


This first tip can seem a little obvious when you first read it, but hear us out! To avoid a "neck mess", choosing different lengths for your layers is key. 

We suggest a 14” (choker), 16” (mid length) and 18” (the longest length), if adding more to the layer then a 22” or 24” would be ideal.

 A quick hack  is to add an extender chain to your necklaces, that way you can play around with different lengths/placements & gives you the chance to pick and choose more freely. 

2. texture


Make a statement by adding different textures to your layers. Don’t be scared to mix and match, the options are endless -- dainty necklaces with chunkier chains, pendants, pops of color, etc. Playing around with different textures is the best part of it all, you get to show your own unique style through your jewelry as a way of self expression.  

For more elegant looks layering simple and dainty chains does the trick & for more street style every day looks the more layers the better! Like shopping for clothes, you never know what it will look like until you try it on yourself, so don’t knock it till you try it! 

3. fill up the space


& now for the fun part! Time to pile up the layers and see what unique style you come up with! Depending on what look you are going for we would recommend to start off with between 2 - 3 necklaces for your layer. If you don’t even know where to start, a good tip is to try and pick a focal point, like a pendant or a chunky chain and work around that. 

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