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Tips & Tricks

Here at LINK'D we love sharing all the tips & tricks when it comes to jewelry. From learning how to layer to finding your perfect ring size at home, we got you covered!

Today we wanted to share some tricks that we have learned a long the way and use all the time! 

What are your go-to tricks when it comes to jewelry? Comment below!

Bracelet hack

Ever struggled with putting bracelets on yourself? Here is a hack we love and use all the time! All you need is any bobby pin or safety pin that you have lying around. Grab the bobby pin of your choice on the hand you want to put the bracelet it on. Then, slide the ring to the end of it and wrap the bracelet your wrist, then you simply clasp it to the ring. 

Click below to see the tutorial:

Bracelet Hack Video

Ring Size Guide

Ever wondered how to size your rings at home? Look no further! Here is our at home size guide: 

1. Wrap a string around the base of your desired finger.

2. Use a pen to mark the spot where the string meets  

3.  Measure the distance with a ruler in millimeters 

4. Use the chart on our site to determine your ring size

Ring Size Guide Tutorial

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